Web Pocket and Web Cube to Always have the Internet in Your Pocket

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Never before in this period, having the internet always available has become really urgent for anyone. Smart working and remote teaching, but also the use of the internet for simple entertainment, for gaming or to chat with friends and relatives, requires having devices always connected to the internet. You too will certainly have a phone with a promotion that also includes a certain amount of GB, as well as a home connection.

Web Pocket and Web Cube

But there are also other solutions that allow you to always have the internet in your pocket and to be able to use it only when you actually need it. I’m talking about Web Cube and Web Pocket, two products you may have already heard of, which work exactly like Wi-Fi hotspots allowing multiple devices to connect without the need for cables or special installations.

Differences between Web Cube and Web Pocket

Long story short, both of these solutions are meant to allow multiple devices to connect at the same time, just like a wireless router would. With one of these two products, in fact, you can connect desktop PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet, and even your game console.

The other huge advantage is that you can always carry them with you since they do not need to be connected to the telephone line: to connect them to the internet, simply insert a SIM card from your operator (naturally with an offer that includes GB) .

The main difference between Web Cube and Web Pocket lies in the usage situation. The Web Cube, in fact, needs to be connected to an electrical outlet to be able to spread the Wi-Fi and is therefore ideal for home use; on the contrary, the Web Pocket (lighter and smaller) has a rechargeable battery of about 1,500 mAh (which should guarantee a duration between 4 and 5 hours) which makes it perfect to be carried everywhere.

The best offers from the main operators

In this paragraph, I will show you which are the best offers of the major operators for portable Wi-Fi modems.

Offers for Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi

Compact, lightweight, easy to use, and equipped with a battery that guarantees up to 6 hours of connectivity. In addition, the ability to connect up to ten devices at the same time. This is the Mobile Wi-Fi proposed by Vodafone, capable of surfing up to 150Mbps in download and 50 Mbps in upload.

Web pocket tre

The red operator offers you the Giga Speed ​​Plus 50 in combination, with 50 GB at 11.99 euros per month plus 1 euro per month (24 installments) for the device; the Giga Speed ​​Plus 100, with 100 GB for 19.99 euros per month and 1 euro to be paid immediately for the device; finally, the Giga Speed ​​20, which allows you to take advantage of 20 GB at a price of 9.99 euros per month with 64 euros to be paid immediately for the platform.

WindTre Webpocket 4G + offer

The Web pocket 4G + proposed by WIND TRE has a very attractive appearance, with cutting-edge aesthetic features and very minimal dimensions. Here, too, you can connect up to 10 devices at the same time (with a connection up to 150 Mbps).

The plan that you can associate with this mini platform is the Super Giga Unlimited: two sims per device, unlimited Giga SIMs in Italy and 30 GB to be used in EU countries, with a contract duration of 30 months. All at a price of 34.99 euros per month.

Offers for TIM Modem Wi-Fi 4G Plus

As for the other models, also for the TIM Modem Wi-Fi 4G Plus, you will notice a modern design and small dimensions as the main features. You can connect up to ten devices at the same time and enjoy faster navigation.

For this 4G SIM router, TIM offers you a one-time payment as the only purchase method.

Web pocket and Web Cube without operator constraint

Below, however, we see which are the best soaps that you can choose to browse online without using products characterized by the operator constraint. Personally, it is the wisest choice, in this way you will not be bound to use a single operator, but you can change the operator based on the best offer on the market.

TP-Link M7200

Among the greatest appreciations received from this Wi-Fi soap, there is above all the great yield from an aesthetic point of view. But it is not only the design that convinces, since with this solution you can have 4G connectivity that will allow you to browse with great speed, also enjoying excellent stability.

With this Wi-Fi bar of soap, you will have guaranteed support for all operators and connection sharing with up to ten devices. In addition, the product will also satisfy you in terms of autonomy, since the 2000 mAh battery ensures you a duration of up to 8 hours.

Finally, you will not have any problems even in terms of management, since you can perform each operation through the dedicated app.